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Ascension Tarot

Tarot Set

Ascension Tarot

The Ascension Tarot realm is a progressive approach to traditional tarot, updating antiquated concepts to the modern age and welcoming our full potential. Ascension represents our journey towards personal growth and adaptation in a rapidly changing world of technological advancements. ushering humanity towards higher understanding and self-awareness. This deck provides a tool to navigate challenges and adapt to our ever-evolving future.

Ascension Tarot System

The Ascension Tarot offers a new way to do classical tarot, with it's own unique system using Duality. Each card features a dual concept, and two cards make a singular reading. Detailed instructions can be found in the mini guide, included in this set.

Expanded Possibilities
All of the concepts of the traditional tarot can be found within certain card placements. However, The Ascension Tarot expands the possibilities by including a system that offers over a thousand possible combinations with clear and concise readings.

You do not need to be familiar with traditional tarot to use this system.

Premium Card Aesthetic

This deck is made of premium paper stock with a soft-touch coating, which adds a gorgeous tactile feel.

The beautiful raised-foil designs, on both the front and the back, make this deck a collectable treasure.

What's Included

This tarot set includes 24 gorgeous cards, hand cut and cornered. Each card has dual concepts, making a total of 48 concepts, that combine in pairs to make over a thousand possibilities.

A mini guide with basic instructions on how to read and set up the tarot spreads.

An embossed suede-like pouch to house your new treasure.

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