Eco-Conscious Shipping

Plastic Free.
We don't use any plastic in our shipping materials.
Our entire box and packing contents are recyclable, even the tape!
We use biodegradable packing peanuts made from starch and biodegradable kraft (water activated) shipping tape. They dissolve in water and are safe to throw away in the regular trash, as they will naturally degrade! You can even add them to composting or recycle them.
Locally Sourced.
We don't ship any of our packing materials from overseas, reducing greenhouse gasses and harm to the oceans, as well as redistributing to the local economy.
We pride ourselves on being a sustainable business in harmony with the earth! All of our shipping materials are made from natural and sustainable materials, meaning the earth itself will provide and renew itself, causing no harm. Who doesn't love being one with the planet?!