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Plant Based Shampoo


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A plant based shampoo that is nourishing for your hair, body and spirit. Made with over 70% certified organic ingredients and free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Our signature SERENITY scent is enhanced with natural cedarwood essential oil for a serene sensory experience.


  1. Water - The bringer of life.
  2. Decyl Glucoside - A gentle, plant derived surfactant that's perfect for sensitive skin and safe enough for pet and baby use.
  3. Lauryl Betaine - Derived from sugar beets, a plant-based and mild cleanser that helps remove impurities, without stripping hair of its natural oils.
  4. Xantham Gum - A stabilizer derived from natural sugar.
  5. Sodium Chloride - A common earth mineral; salt, used to add viscosity to natural liquid formulas.
  6. Aloe Barbadensis - Commonly known as Aloe Vera. This natural ingredient adds moisturizing properties for all hair types.
  7. Citric Acid - Derived from fruit and naturally reduces frizz.
  8. Phenonxyethanol - A compound originally found in Green Tea that acts as a preservative for natural formulas.
  9. Benzoic Acid - An organic compound derived from plants that helps keep your natural shampoo fresh for longer.
  10. Dehydroacetic Acid - A gentle and naturally derived preservative.
  11. Fragrance - A clean, non-toxic fragrance infused with natural essential oils.

Why Preservatives?
Any formula consisting of water will need a preservative to keep it fresh. Over time, microbes will grow and infest a liquid solution involving water (you know, the bringer of life). So we use a variety of natural acids to maintain a shelf life of 1 year for your favorite plant-based shampoo.

Care Instructions

Our Plant Based Shampoos are highly moisturizing, which can be great for some, but not for others. Follow our routine for all hair types to get amazing results every time.

Step 1 - Our shampoo is free from sulfates (often used in detergents and store-bought shampoos). Thus, it does not have a chemically induced lather. Simply pre-lather with your hands before applying.

Step 2 - We know hair can have a mind of it's own and change at any time. So here are the steps you can follow to make your hair, and life, more manageable.

  • Normal Hair Day - Simply wash directly at the scalp and thoroughly rinse out, but grab the conditioner.
  • Oily Hair Day - Wash from the ends-up, and thoroughly rinse out - you may want to skip the conditioner.
  • Dry/Damaged Hair Day - Wash directly at the scalp but only lightly rinse out. You will want the conditioner this time.
  • Curly Hair Day - We envy you, but we know the struggle. Wash all over and either lightly rinse out + conditioner, or don't rinse out at all and use as a leave-in.

Earth Friendly

A vegan shampoo made from 96% all-natural, plant derived ingredients and over 70% certified organic ingredients
This makes our sulfate-free formula incredibly earth sustainable.

Our recyclable bottles make for less impact of waste on the environment. However, we stay on top of the latest upcoming technology that will soon produce biodegradable plastic that can hold liquid products.

Our shampoo is:

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Sustainable
  • Natural + Organic
  • Non-toxic, Non-carcinogenic
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben and Pthalate Free
  • Safe for use on hair and body
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